Partner Radiology


800MEDIC offers it’s Partners the fastest growing healthcare network in their region & globally. By joining the 800MEDIC Partners, are automatically connected to this huge growing network. Partner Radiology Centers are directly connected their client doctors, clinics and hospitals and are also immediately available on the hotline to all other 800MEDIC client doctors, clinics and hospitals.
This automatically becomes a direct marketing tool for the partner RADIOLOGY CENTER.


Any Partner Radiology Center which has a HL7 compliant RIS, can download the 800MEDIC API and run it on their system. The API shall store all incoming orders in HL7 format in that system.

Similarly the partner Radiology Center can send all it’s outgoing result links in HL7 message format to the 800MEDIC API. 800MEDIC interface transmits the result links to the respective 800MEDIC users.

The Partners RADIOLOGY CENTER compendium needs to be mapped to the CPT of 800MEDIC.
800MEDIC to RIS Bridge, communicates bi-directionally with RIS at the reference Radiology Center. This universal Radiology Center interface accommodates various RIS’s because of its modular approach.

In the context of the bi-directional communication :

  • Radiology Center Orders: 800MEDIC formats the patient imaging study orders in to HL7 Messages and transmits to the destination Radiology Center.
  • Radiology Center Results: 800MEDIC data consuming capability for RIS, functions to consume test results in the form of HL7 Message, submitted by the Radiology Center client's EMR Interfaces and transmit to destination doctors.

800MEDIC - RIS Automated FTP Client

800MEDIC RIS FTP Client is an automated 800MEDIC RIS component installed usually at the physician office computer. The FTP client is available as Windows Application with a user interface and as a console application without the user interface. In either form, 800MEDIC RIS FTP Client runs 24x7, exchanging order and study result files between the Radiology Center FTP server and client computer. Files being exchanged by 800MEDIC RIS FTP Client, include but not limited to HL7 type and PDF files. The component with the user interface is usually under the control of the user but the one without the user interface, the user has no control of.
In either case, 800MEDIC RIS FTP Client is reliable communication tool.

In either case, 800MEDIC LIS FTP Client is reliable communication tool.


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